Glory Awaits?

On Friday 15th January, a eight of our Year 6 boys will take part in a national football tournament run by the Premier League. Schools from across Manchester will take part, with the victorious school representing none other than Manchester United in a national competition. The standard of the competition will be exceptionally high, but we wish our boys all the best.

7 thoughts on “Glory Awaits?

  1. I think the football team in our school are very well trained by two amazing teachers, Mr Cooper and Mr Barrett. They will try their hardest in every match and try and win what they can, but remember that the main thing is that you take part in it.

    from Natalia Paris

  2. Hey why isn’t there a page about the hockey tournament which we came first in??? Hahaha go St Philips!! From Cara

  3. Well done mr cooper on leading the footie team to 1st in the league I think and to the second round of the cup u r a great manager mr cooper thanks

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