18 thoughts on “The Water Cycle

  1. AHHHHHH 😦 It was like six o’clock in the morning yesterday and I woke up because that song was in my head 😦 I’m tired now 😦

  2. I’m in St monica’s and molly holden my little sister.We listened to this in geography very catchy. Just wait until you hear the cloud song:S 😀

    bye :)see you next year year 6:D

  3. Haha we listen to this in St Monicas xD Our geography teacher, well, according to certain people, her face lights up when uncle dan is in the bin O_O weird but funneh xx

  4. We got showed it this year in Mr Coopers class. It was so funny!!!! Mrs Clayton dances to the song when we show it, so hilarious!!!!

    LOL! 🙂

  5. wow!!! i still remember tha song!! it is even better than some songs made by proffesional artists!! it helps you learn though!!

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