SATs on the horizon

The 2010 KS1 and 2 SATs are now fast approaching! Pupils, parents and staff are now working at a vigorous pace to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.

The majority of Y6 pupils have already purchased the Maths and Science revision booklets from school. However, it would be to their benefit if they also spent time visiting the following websites in order to revise and practise techniques: – A superb revision site with facts, games and worksheets. – Maths games and activities galore! – An American, professional website full of facts. Great for Science. – Maths practise for the very brightest mathematicians. – Information, games, activities; everything! A fabulous resource.

6 thoughts on “SATs on the horizon

  1. I love that guys face up there. Anyway I sadly have to get off now because I stole my sisters laptop. I got REVENGE on her! Haha.xx 😛 😀

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