Helping Haiti

Over the past few weeks, all the classes at St. Philip’s RC have raised funds for the earthquake victims in Haiti.
Class 9, Year 5, raised a fabulous £80. They had great fun by dressing up, especially one great sport who decided to dress up as a young lady – complete with a fetching handbag! Another member of the class made three delicious, scrumptious and impeccable cakes. People were queuing up at the classroom door to buy a piece! Full details of the fundraising total will follow.

27 thoughts on “Helping Haiti

  1. Ohhh yeah those cakes look delicious!!! I have that t-shirt that he is wearing…how embarrassing!!! :L Haha nice girly pose aswell 🙂

  2. ohh.. who made that chocolate button and finger cake? it looks delicious! Kieran must be really embarrassed to have that picture up 🙂

  3. Id love to try one of those cakes, and by the way Kieran that look suits you!! Maybe wear something pink with that silver handbag next time, and maybe some pink high heels with light pink tights!! It would definatley suit you!!!!!

    Ciara :]

  4. Yumm…I wish I was there when you ate all them cakes 🙂 I espescially love the look of the button and finger cake!!! Oh… by the way Kieran… nice t-shirt. ( My sister was gutted that you had the same one as her! Haha Kate)

  5. Kieren really does look good. But his shoes dont go with his bag. He needs to sort that out. And I REALLY want them cakes Jessica, let me have them!

  6. Haha … even my cat thinks that those shoes don’t go with that bag Kieren!
    She’s sat here looking at the screen.

  7. OhMyGosh, I really love the look of them cakes. That outfit really suits you aswell. I want that top and I want them cakes!

  8. Hmmm, India I think that top would suit you but after eating them cakes … I don’t know.
    (India): :O I would look the exact same!
    (Me): OK OK! No need to shout.
    Anyway well done on making those cakes Jessica!

    Kerry (A.K.A Kezbo ) & India ( Kezbo’s friend from Norwich.)

  9. wow them cakes iook yummy. their makin my mouth water now just iuckin at them yummy by the way like the dress Kieren lol:) 🙂

  10. i remember kieran and leah there in irland tho now nice outfit kieran but really even you should know those shoes do not go with that bag!! great cakes im feeling hungry now!!

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