Let’s Dance!

On the 10th March 2010, Class 10 represented St. Philip’s RC in the Salford Schools Dance Association evening held at The Lowry Theatre. Pupils performed their dance ‘Fatal Attraction’ based on a moth’s association with light. The above photos were taken during rehearsal, as photography wasn’t allowed during the actual event. However, all parents, staff and pupils agreed that the children were outstanding and a credit to the school. Several more photographs will follow ASAP.

10 thoughts on “Let’s Dance!

  1. I loved these picturs!:) On the third picture, to the left , a girl at the end is standing out. i wonder who it is? She looks very good(me). i think EVERYBODY did well so three cheers for class ten!
    Anne(mother):i think these snapshots are fab!( Amelia, stop being unfair ,do not single yourself out)
    Amelia: thank you for setting these pictures up on the blog!:)
    Amelia + Anne xx

  2. Looks like i have missed a brilliant show!!!!!!!!!!! I’m gutted! The pics are great and it looks like everyone has talent! Ciara and all her classmates deserve a well done for participating in the show!! Well done everyone who took part [including the dance teacher and Mr Cooper who helped with the ideas for the dance routine, the props and the types of costumes to wear]. It all looks really effective and i have been told by the people who went to see it, that the ribbons were beautuful and when the lights were out and the torches went on it looked even more effective!!!!!!!!!!!! Well done class 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    From Aideen xxx :]

  3. Yes Amelia you should listen to your mum because I am not on any of the pictures, atleast I think I’m not, and even if I was I’d probably look very strange and not like me atall!!! But everyone did great ( especially me ). Don’t worry I was only joking!!! Well done xx

    From Kate x

  4. Haha … you really do look good Amelia :D:D:D
    My sister said very well done to all of clas ten 🙂
    I will share my cake with class ten when I get it.
    Goodbye for now.

    Kerry + Jenny – x – x – x – x –

  5. Hi! 😀
    Me and my friend LOVE these pictures.
    Dominika [ Polish friend ] : I think that you were a very lucky class to perform your dance at the Lowry.
    Bye ! 😀
    [ All is commented by Dominika. ]

  6. Cool dancing every one i know you did well and our school always will be the best!!!

    xxxxxxxxxxxxx natalia and shania

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