Energy: Here’s How to Save It

In the Autumn term, pupils from Y2 upwards entered a competition to design a character which Salford City Council could use to promote the importance of Energy Saving. There were some fantastic ideas; well done to all those who entered. Our pupil’s creative minds must have been working well as the following pupils were commended:

1st Prize: Bronwyn Dennis
2nd Prize: Kerys Hurley
3rd Prize: Kate Watson & Niamh Doran
Merit:Jasmyn Lopuzansky

The following photographs include the Major of Salford and Olympic Gold Medal winner, swimmer Chris Crook.

9 thoughts on “Energy: Here’s How to Save It

  1. I think that the energy saving section is great because you can see who won the competition, and you can also view pictures of the winners standing next to the Major of Salford and Chris Crook, with their design behind them on a screen. Its great!!!!

    Ciara x

  2. Bronwyn, you got to meet the mayor? Amazing.You should be proud of yourself and well done for getting a little treat.

  3. wow you all met the mayor!! i can remember that competition you all did really well and achived something you will always remember!

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