Bonjour Pierre!

This week, French exchange students from Le Mans have visited St. Philip’s and learnt about life in an English primary school. They have been staying with pupils from St. Monica’s as part of an exchange program. The students have joined in lessons and assisted our children with their French skills during a hugely enjoyable week for all concerned. The following video is an interview held between Year 6 pupils and Pierre Fleurance.

16 thoughts on “Bonjour Pierre!

  1. The video WAS great and it was good that Pierre answered the questions in English so everyone could understand him, BUT WHERES THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Theres nothing to show my mum and dad!!!

    From Ciara!:]

  2. Why can’t anyone see the video because I can? It was very good and that little wave at the end from Pierre was cool! Now I’m just waiting for my nonsense poem to be filmed and put on this blog. I really want to see the comments on it so that I know what everyone else thinks of it! But what I do know is that it will be embarrassing. Getting back to the subject…well done Pierre, Cameron, Kiera and Adam!

    From Kate x 🙂

  3. How come no one can see the video and I can? That’s just like weird. But I like this video soo much. I like the wave the best 🙂 Anyway well done Ciara, Cameron and Adam 😀

  4. I thought that my sister and the two boys thst did it with her were superb, and it is amazing that Pierre can speak fluent English and fluent French. WELL DONE!!!!!!

    Joseph :]

  5. Wow, It’s amazing how someone can speak half English and half French. How come I’m the best in my french class and I don’t even hardly know anything? Everyone must be brainless. Pierre is really good at french and well done to Ciara, Adam and Cameron for participating in this french clip. I bet most of the school is good at french and I bet most of the people at this school could talk better french than me. Anyway very well done to everyone who was in this video and I hope there is more french videos here because I need to learn some french. Well done to all of you x
    P.S: Nice wave at the end.

    From Rachel 😀 xx =]

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