Further Nonsense!

If it’s good enough for Dr. Seuss, it’s good enough for St. Philip’s RC! The great author is quoted as saying “I like nonsense – it wakes up the brain cells.” Just before Easter, Class 10 worked on some nonsense poetry as part of a week focussing on improving description. The following video is an example of their work.

14 thoughts on “Further Nonsense!

  1. My smile was really embarassing when Georgia was making me laugh by putting her thumbs up and giving me a cheesy grin!!! Jenny you are so funny when you read with loads of expression. I loved doing this piece of work because I am always talking about random things so this matched my personality!!! 🙂 Well done everyone xx 🙂

  2. aaaaw your two grins are awesome!! I WANT YOUR GRIN! where do you get them from lol?? oh yeah the poems were good too haha xx good work xx

  3. i loved doing this work cause my poem was wierd and so was my grin! Amelia was funny because she did her cheesy wink so it made me laugh 🙂

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