This Is My Race.

Close your eyes and let your imagination transport you into a chariot race in Rome. Taste the dust, tremble under the pressure and never, ever fall off! This creative literacy work was produced by Class 6 in response to the Youtube clip below. Watch out for the excellent vocabulary choices…

15 thoughts on “This Is My Race.

  1. Cool video.x I think that deserve’s 3 merits. Wait, how many merits do you need to get for bronze? Is it 100? Ohh okay… xx I think ours is 25… Urhh I’m blabbering on now so byebye.xx

  2. Yes jenny it is 25 (Well when I was there it was.) I LOVEEEE this video. In collage we had to do some thing I’m not sure and you have to like act like a horse. It was weird. Well I better go now. (Because I’m on the computer and supposed to be working for collage soo…x… well I’m not supposed to be on here so byebye.xx)

  3. Woah… It actually felt like I was in Rome!
    If I were the teacher I would award 10 merits for that!!! 😀 Well done!

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