The Golden Girls

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On 27th April 2010, Year 3 and 4 girls took part in a football tournament organised by St. Monica’s RC High School. The good news is… they won the tournament! The 6-a-side team managed to finish above the other St. Monica’s ‘feeder schools’ and will now go on to represent them in a Bury wide competition in the near future. In April last year, St. Philip’s were victorious in this competition so the girls will be hoping to retain the trophy.

17 thoughts on “The Golden Girls

  1. I really loved being the goalie and loved playing in the match too !
    Wish us Good Luck for the next match !

  2. Hi its me tara! you guys did really well! I mean look at that pictures it looks like you where FANTASIC! I knew you would be amazing!I could NEVER play like that. You are as good as Manchester United! You should be in newspapers! And magazines! Seriously you do have a wounderful talent. I wish I could watch you.

  3. oh dear. I have come across this post by accident. They aren’t exactly flattering pictures as my face is bright red =) . I look really small compared to how tall I am now, even though the pictures were taken when I was in year 3, and now I’m in year 6.

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