New at Number 10

Reception 1A have been learning about the General Election. Despite still being around 14 years away from the legal voting age, the children have taken a great interest in recent proceedings! They produced some high quality art work to depict the current situation. Well done!

6 thoughts on “New at Number 10

  1. wow. how do they understand it??? IT IS SOOOO CONFUSING. i really dont get it but dont even bother explaining-your wasting your time. My Nana learnt that the hard way haha

  2. i dont think i could draw that good and i can’t beleive that a reception child wrote that. How does she do it. i am jelous now. HAHA

  3. Wow this is like really good for reception and I don’t think that I could draw as gud as that. well done

  4. those are really good. they must have put in lots of effort in order to make them this amazing – I couldnt draw like that!!!

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