Multimedia Project: Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s excellent Comic Book upload, we are very proud to present the above music video. Pupils from Class 10 formed the group ‘Hypontik’, learnt the song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and then planned, storyboarded, filmed and edited a music video. We hope you enjoy this outstanding piece of media work, well done girls.

24 thoughts on “Multimedia Project: Part 2

  1. I love this video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s soooooooooooooooooooo great!Wish I wasn’t ill but what can I do about that it was really fun and a great experience creating it.If I had another chance I would definitely do something like this again.Can’t wait to see the other groups thanks to the people who helped us make it and Mr Cooper for letting us use his instruments.Georgia you were great on guitar.Love the video great job.


  2. Kate’s Mum: I thoroughly enjoyed watching the music video! Can’t wait to see the follow-up single!

    Kate: I thought the video was exellent and everyone worked very well on it. Well done!!!

  3. WOWW!!! This video is amazing!!! I can see all the effort you have all put into the making of this clip! Georgia, you were excellent on the guitar (rock star in the making!!teehee ) Kate, my sister,you are amazing at being a rock chick! I always knew you were since you were born lol. And to everyone else, congratulations on your incredibly funny and enjoyable performance. Thumbs Up To You All!!!! 🙂 😀 😛

  4. wow georgia you were great on the guitar you really made me laugh and kate hargrevs was hillarious you both made me giggle hahahaha.xx

  5. wow georgia and kate were amazing! they really made us laugh. they are both hilarious.xx hahahahaha

    Kezboo&Leahh 😀 😛

  6. Aaaaaaw wish you could have been there your group missed one whole day due to some ‘technical difficulties’! Hahaha but atleast they got a go on an iMac haha x It’s really good and can’t wait for our groups to get put on 🙂 HEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEEEEE I don’t know whos is better yours or ours lolz I think yours haha x x well done 🙂 xxx

  7. Yehh sorry Charlotte… But you were AMAZING! And Georgia, rock on like Bronwyn said:) You were hilarious. Mary you were amazing on the keyboard. I could see you singing along:) Haha. Well Done to everyone! ByeBye 😀 😛 🙂 :O

  8. my mum and dad looked an said that it was brilliant and kate you look really cool.I am so embaresed i look like a weirdow. HA HA.

  9. I know you do georgia…only joking i wouldn’t say that about you!!! I am gonna say what everyone else is saying because it sounds cool…ROCK ON GEORGIA!!!

    Minicake x

  10. I did have loads more of my comment to put on but the computer wouldnt let me and it seemed like it was speaking to me!

  11. I was looking back on this and was laughing my head off I keep watching the videos over and over again
    Keep rocking people of the world.

  12. hahahahah this is sooo funny 😀 🙂 Really embarassing for me x What on earth was going through my head last year??? Still it is great! Georgia u look funky

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