Dance Evening 2010

Last Tuesday, our annual dance performance evening took place and was a huge success. As usual, the event sold out and most classes performed a dance which they had been working on in their weekly lessons. Pupils and parents alike look forward to this display of creativity and this year we are able to enjoy Mrs McNeill’s class’s performance again and again…

6 thoughts on “Dance Evening 2010

  1. This dance was really good and you also have to be good at acting to be in it as one of the main charcters! It is cool x

  2. An amazing performance by all the children that evening, showing an outstanding commitment at such a young age. Equally the hard work that the staff put into this evening was evident in the performance.

  3. Everyone who took part in the event should be proud of themselves. I can not wait to see this years show on the blog aswell!!! Good luck to anyone doing it this year.

  4. this dance is really good! i love the alice in wonderland theme and well done erin! you all did really well you should be very proud espeially because you are only in year 1 !! good work !

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