Multimedia Project: Part 5

If you’re a fan of Wallace and Gromit then you’ll love this animation created by Year 5 girls in Mr Cooper’s class! The group planned, created a storyboard, filmed and edited this work with little support. The character’s voices, performed by the girls themselves, are nothing short of hilarious.

7 thoughts on “Multimedia Project: Part 5

  1. This video is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it well done yr 5 girls trust you to do something like that.The voice overs are brilliant nice singing Amelia haha.It will probably get alot of comments saying it is crazy.Well done again.

    Charlotte W

  2. Even if i do say so myself i do lik my voice….funny days,funny days!!!:)If only we could do it again!!!!Thanks Charlotte+so on.My voice took me agessss 2 perfect,but stil,glad eveyone enjoyed it..keep on watching!!!!

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