17 thoughts on “Goodbye Year 6

  1. hahahha this disco was the best everyone was raving and the girls and the boys had a dance off to thriller hahhaa good times not gonna forget this disco ever

  2. Arwhh 😦 I’m gonna miss the year 6’s. Well I’m going now. Ive just got back from my holz at 5 in the morning and I’m dead tired.. x 😀 ❤ Cyahh xx

  3. Bought St Monicas uniform 2day and its all starting 2 sink in. Don’t wanna leave!! 😦
    But i’m ok! 😀

  4. oh my goshh me i went crazy. Loved the disco so sad at the end WERE SIMPLY THE BEST …….. waaah waah all the girls cryin awhh i wanna stay at philips i miss you already 😦

  5. I really like st monicas but i really miss st phillips i miss all the teachers and all the children the disco was one of my best primary school moments 😦 I MISS U ALL BYE

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