Let’s Do a Nativity – Part One

On the 10th December 2010, Mr Cooper’s class (Class 10), performed a Christmas production to both parents and pupils. The play, entitled Let’s Do a Nativity, was greatly enjoyed by all and brought to an end months of hard work from the pupils involved. Watch out for more clips being uploaded over the next week or so.

12 thoughts on “Let’s Do a Nativity – Part One

  1. Well Done Everyone! We could all see the effort you’d all put into the play and especially well done to Meghan, great shouting! You’ll definitely make a good teacher! 🙂

  2. i really enjoyed it well done everyone. it was also really funny especially alton and Megan and Harry in the auditions. it really tickled me. 😀

  3. This was so much fun during the preparation time. My advice to future actors is to just be yourself and do as the director advices or tells you.

  4. it was ok im practising the same play at my school and i will have to tell my teacher how good you all were ,im playing the teacher at my school and for the bullies we have 3 girls who have to be the bossiest and funniest actors ever ! unfortantly i only saw part 1 since i didn’t have time as i practise for my gymnastics compotetion in 2 weeks but so far it was awsome :b

  5. that was really really good my little sisters school did that nativity a couple of days ago and it was really good well done boys and girls

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