Magical Movie Memories

Class 6 have been enjoying looking back at old photos taken throughout the year. We have been reminiscing about all the fun activities we have done, our happy moments and our fabulous class mates. We have been working in pairs to create short movie clips to document our memories of this year. Here is an example of just one of the many movies we created…

24 thoughts on “Magical Movie Memories

  1. OMG! that was so good and emm no affence to jack or anything but emily is the cute one to answer the question and em also ellie thomas is such a poser infront of the camera lol! olivia with her little pose ahhhh happy days xxxxxxxxx

  2. haha thanks mia i cant belive its been two years since i made this video with abi in miss magdazinskis class!! it was in year 4 !! now miss magdazinski has left and gone to dubai but i hope she still look at things on the blog and remembers the great year we had in year 4!!

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