Treasure Island

Reception have been learning all about life as a pirate! Amongst many other activities, they dressed up as a pirate, learnt swashbuckling songs and created imaginative writing. In this post you can see Miss Millar’s class’ excellent ‘Treasure Island’ creations. Look closely at the pictures of the pirates!

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4 thoughts on “Treasure Island

  1. Hi,

    Just wondered why there are no pictures of Nursery yet available to view ? We would love to see some, especially when they did the ‘Pirates’ topic and their wonderful ‘Easter Bonnet Parade’ production on the 27th March?

  2. orrr there sooooooo sooooo cute, on the sixth one from the start is my little brother luke and i shown it him and he said im such a poser errr ok luke,anyway love what they make in the infants somtimes i was i was back down in the infants but or well does anyone agree i know my friends at home do! xxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

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