Lledr Hall Day 1 and 2

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The weather is glorious here in North Wales and the children are all having a fantastic time together. We arrived in time for lunch yesterday and have already worked on team-working activities, orienteering and ‘low rope exercises’. This morning we used our map reading skills to climb a mountain, eating our packed lunch whilst enjoying views over Snowdonia.

8 thoughts on “Lledr Hall Day 1 and 2

  1. It is a shame you didn’t do the nightline it was REALLY fun like the teachers didn’t stop winding us up it was funny

    • lol check out my reaction when mr cooper told us we were had to do it blindfolded i was sooooo scared but it was a gr8 experiance :]

  2. it was so fun we all had a great time the best bits had to be climbing the mountain and orienteering had so much fun hope this years y6 go too and enjoy it as much as we did

  3. haha i cant wait to go to lleder hall at the end of the ear it looks so fun and it will be one of the things i remember going to high school!!

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