Lledr Hall Days Three and Four…


Pupils (and staff!) from Year 6 greatly enjoyed their once-in-a-lifetime experience at Lledr Hall last week. They participated in orienteering, hiking, canoeing, lake swimming, adventure playgrounds, night-line and much, much more. Mr Cooper’s class will be editing a short commemorative film after the holidays, but we thought we’d upload some photographs to keep you going until then!

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8 thoughts on “Lledr Hall Days Three and Four…

  1. what an amazing time we all had ,unforgettable,thanks alot Mr.Barrett for taking us all ,it was an once in a life time oppertunety although when i got home i was VERY tired

    • that was the best trip ever! it was a memory that i will NERVER forget. thank you teachers for taking us to Lledr Hall

  2. That was a week to remember, everything left me speechless but I do have to applaud the teachers they had to deal with about 20 jumpy giggly girls and cheeky boys but I believe we ALL had a lot of fu

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