World Peace Flag Ceremony

Today our school celebrated a special service at church, the focus of which was ‘World Peace’. The celebration, which was meticulously planned by Miss Haigh and Miss Boylan, featured peace prayers written by all year groups, a flag procession, drama, signing and of course peace related hymns. The event was extremely special and enabled our pupils to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of peace. Our school has received a ‘Peace Pole’ as a result and it will be erected in the playground in the near future…

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8 thoughts on “World Peace Flag Ceremony

  1. I was a person who took the flags off the children and put them in the special stand. It was a privalige to be a part of the fantastic event. The little kids were really cute because they wouldn’t let go of the flags so we had to peel the tiny fingers off the pole!!!

  2. i read out the names of the countrys they were really hard to prnounce!! it looked like the event took a lot of organising so well done miss boylan!

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