Manchester Histories Festival

This week pupils from Years 5 and 6 have ventured into Manchester to participate in the city’s Histories Festival. They visited the John Rylands Library and learnt about mapping in Manchester throughout the ages. Following this, the children experienced a ‘supporters throughout the years’ tour at The National Football Museum. It was a day packed with learning, history and most importantly, fun!









4 thoughts on “Manchester Histories Festival

  1. Wow! This day out looks absolutely brilliant.
    Lots of investigating, searching for and finding
    evidence about our past. It seems from the photos
    you have used both Primary and Secondary sources
    to discover your information.
    Real journalism skills. Well done everyone!
    And…..most importantly… looks great FUN!
    Lots of love from Mrs Butcher xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

    • I went to visit the Football Museum myself on Mother’s Day with my son Joe Butcher. We too had a splendid time. It was fab. Mrs Bee xxxxxxx

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