Decreators Poetry…

Pupils in Year 6 have been studying about how important it is to protect and serve God’s Creation. The following poem has been written by Ada Kolodziejska and it has a message for people everywhere…


3 thoughts on “Decreators Poetry…

  1. Oh Ada. What a marvellous insight you have for one so young.
    It fills my heart with sadness at the terrible mistakes that are being
    made in the world just now…..BUT…..I always have HOPE.
    Reading your poem could help some people stop their negative ways
    and try to turn them around. They may say…..’Hey! We don’t want to
    waste these gifts! Come on guys…..let’s try to turn this around’.
    Thank you Ada for your excellent thought provoking poetry.
    Lots of love Old Mrs Butcher xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

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