Have a Happy & Holy Christmas

The past few weeks have seen us celebrate the season of advent with many performances in and around school. Tonight the choir performed at a special Christmas Carol Service at church – they were exceptional! Many thanks to Mrs Moore and Mr Lee for leading such a touching evening where the pupils sang their hearts out. We hope all parents, pupils and parishioners have a happy and holy Christmas.

New Recruits!

During the Autumn term, Class 8 have been learning all about the Romans. We have looked at how the Roman Empire was established, what the Romans did for us, participated in a debate about who was the best Emperor and learnt about the Roman army. As part of our end of unit work, we decided to make a short video about the Roman army. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Would you like to be in the Roman army? You decide.


Bright Sparks!

During the last 6 weeks, Class 8 have been learning all about electricity. They have participated in an electricity day, learned about the importance of electricity and how dangerous it can be, designed and built electrical circuits and tested insulators and conductors.

To demonstrate all that they have learn, Class 8 were given the task of designing and making a torch to guide them out of the building during a power cut. The children really enjoyed the activity and were proud of their designs. Take a look.

DIY Musician!

Sebastian Kuc, a Year 5 pupil in Miss Farrell’s class, has designed and made his very own guitar! Class 9’s Science topic of ‘Sound’ inspired Sebastian’s creation and the end product is outstanding! With the help of his dad, Sebastian hand-crafted his guitar from wood, real guitar strings and a bag strap. Let’s hope that Sebastian continues to inspire us all with his musical talents!




Feel the Love!

Over the past few weeks, Class 9 have been studying The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. This book, alongside The Day the Crayons Quit, inspired us to write in the role of different book genres to thank Mr. Lessmore for the care he gave to the books throughout his life. The children chose to write in the role of a romantic novel. Below is Abigail Branney’s stunning love letter to Morris!

Broadcasting Brilliance!

Mykola Bihun, an extremely talented computer programmer from Class 9, has made a BBC news broadcast using iMovie. He is currently in the process of making a free app for iOS and Android where you can watch the broadcast. Mykola also has his own YouTube channel – [UK] BBC – where you can view even more of his creations.

Wriggly Nativity!

This morning, pupils and parents alike were treated to an excellent re-telling of the nativity story. Children from our nursery and reception classes led a superb performance which included many wonderful songs, brave acting and (of course!) lots of ‘wriggling’. See if you can watch the excerpts below without wriggling yourself!