Nursery Easter Bonnet☀️☔️💐🐣🐰

This week, the children from Nursery led a special Easter assembly. As well as showcasing their amazing Easter bonnets, they told us how they had been preparing for Easter and learning about Spring. It was a fabulous colourful celebration which brought a smile to everyone’s face. The children definitely all had a spring in their toes! 


Tesco’s ‘Farm to Fork’ Trail

Last week both Reception classes went on a trip to Tesco as part of their ‘People at work’ topic.  The children got to experience life behind the scenes in a supermarket and see what it is like to work in a variety of different roles.

The children got to sample delicious fresh fruit and vegetables from the store’s Produce department, make their own bread rolls and taste scrumptious cookies in the bakery.  We even got to meet a fishmonger who showed us how to gut a fish!

A fun-filled and educational day was had by all. Thank you Tesco!


Year 5 Easter Reflection

On the evening of Wednesday 23rd March and the morning of Thursday 24th March, pupils from our Year 5 classes led us a reflection of the Easter Story. They maintained a reverent, respectful manner throughout their outstanding performance. Well done on using such loud, clear voices and enabling our younger children to understand the message of Holy Week…

Keep on Running!

Last Saturday, the Greater Manchester Cross Country Championships, held at Heaton Park, brought an end to this year’s cross country season. Over the last three months, several of our children have demonstrated great spirit and determination by attending cross country races at Buille Hill Park and other locations; to represent St Philip’s in the Salford Cross Country Championships. All the children did extremely well in (at times) extremely harsh conditions, but a special congratulations go to Niall and Isobel, who came in second position overall in Salford and were specially selected to represent Salford at the Greater Manchester Championships. Well done children; we are extremely proud!

💦🔥 London’s Burning 🔥💦

Class 4 have been learning all about the Great Fire of London. They have been detectives and used sources to find evidence of what happened in 1666. One of the sources they have used is a painting showing people who lived at the time of the Great Fire of London trying to extinguish the fire. They filled leather buckets with water from the River Thames and passed it along a long line of people. Class 4 pretended they were there and worked together just like the people in the painting. The children quickly  realised that it must have been very difficult and exhausting work . 

Class 4 learn Irish phrases 🍀🍀🍀

Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Over the last few weeks, Miss McNamara’s seven year old niece, Kate McNamara, has been teaching Class 4 how to say Irish phrases over a video link from Dublin. This was part of a competition to teach as many people as she could Irish phrases. Kate won the competition and her teachers were so impressed with her efforts that the media got in touch and asked if they could show her video clip teaching Class 4 on the Irish news. Class 4 are elated to have starred on the Irish news and according to them, they are “famous”! Have a peek at the video below to see some snippets of the video links and the news clip. The link to the actual news clip is:  Enjoy! 🍀🍀🍀
See the tweet @stphilipsrc




Year 1 Celebrate Gymnastics

During Spring term, Year 1 have been working with our Gymnastics coach, Phillipa. They have been exploring the different ways they can manipulate their bodies to create a variety of movements. They have worked incredibly hard to put together a sequence of a range of the movements they have learnt. Today they had the opportunity to share their sequences with their friends. Take a peek at the video below with snippets of their amazing performances; we are quite sure you’ll agree that they are simply brilliant! A huge well done to all the children involved. 👏🏼🏅🎽

St. Philip’s Big Read 2016

As part of our ‘World Book Day’ celebrations, every child in the school participated in a ‘Big Read’. Younger children and older children paired up together to read their favourite books to one another. It was wonderful to watch the children share the experience together. Many children commented on how much they had enjoyed the ‘Big Read’ and this is something that we intend to continue to enjoy at St.Philip’s.