The mission team inspire mini disciples

Last Monday our year 5 and 6 mission team started their new group with the infants. The mission team decided to name their new group the ‘mini disciples’. There were lots of different prayerful activities planned by the mission team, showing the infants how to share Jesus’ love throughout the school. Bible stories were shared and discussed, blessings were given and we even have a new member of St. Philips, Charlie our prayer bear. 
The mission team hope that they can carry on their exciting new group throughout the year! 

One thought on “The mission team inspire mini disciples

  1. Great blogpost. What a spiritual school Saint Philip’s is! As a visiting French teacher, I am always touched by Mrs Summer’s Y5/Y6 pupils who greet me weekly with a warm smile and the offering of a blessing with Holy Water! Keep up the wonderful work – you truly are little “Lights in the Dark”. These children are the jewels in the crown that is Saint Philip’s!
    Madame Birtwistle

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