African Drumming Workshop!

Last Wednesday and Thursday the children from Reception to Year 6 took part in an African Drumming Workshop. They were taught by the African Drummer Rome Mossabir.

In the African Drumming Workshop, the children learned about how the drum was used traditionally and how it relates to the modern rhythms heard today. Using a variety of different sized instruments they were able to create a large class ensemble and were able to perform for each other.

Throughout the sessions, children were taught through the use of call and response helping them to understand how a drum works.

The African Drumming Workshop was incredibly rewarding and inspirational for all involved. Drumming has been shown to help:

  • Improve teamwork and communication skills
  • build confidence
  • Increase cultural awareness and cohesion
  • create an appreciation for diversity
  • relieve stress

The children and the teachers all had a fantastic time!


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