Miss Myrtle’s Mission…

From January to March Miss Myrtle set off to South Africa volunteering for a programme called International Citizenship Service (ICS). During her time there she stayed in the province of Limpopo (one of the hottest provinces in South Africa), in Tzaneen, in a small village called Mogapene.
Whilst in South Africa Miss Myrtle was teaching in schools, working in Orphanages and running afterschool clubs. In the schools classes were made up of around seventy children. Sometimes five children would share a desk made for two children. There were no computers or interactive whiteboards, just a chalkboard and chalk. However, even though the children might not have had computers or interactive whiteboards, they made up for this with their sense of joy and love for the community they lived in. Miss Myrtle explained how lovely it was to be involved in such a community where everyone felt involved and welcomed, even though they did not have much they would share all that they had.
Miss Myrtle told the children that her experience taught her how lucky we are to have a lovely school and wonderful teachers and parents. We do not all have to travel to Africa to make a difference, what you see as a small random act of kindness might be a grand lovely gesture to someone else. As Mother Teresa said, ‘if you want to change the world start at home…. Do small things with GREAT love.’