About St. Philip’s RC Salford


The intended purpose of our blog is share the successes and creativity of our pupils. More formal information, including key dates, staff details and pupil premium data can be found on our website www.stphilipsrcprimary.com.

St. Philip’s RC Primary School is situated on the Salford / Bury border and serves a large Catholic parish. The school is larger than average and has approximately 390 pupils on roll, including 30 full time nursery children. St. Philip’s RC is led by our Headteacher, Mr Barrett.

The school building itself is not purpose-built, but is an old house which is full of character. Having joined the LEA in the 1950s, after starting out as a private school, several extensions and modifications have been made to the building, which itself is full of character and provides pupils with a unique learning environment.

At the heart of St. Philip’s ethos is the desire to unlock the creative potential of its pupils, and academic results are exceptional and above both the national and local authority averages. Pupils’ personal and social development are also graded by Ofsted as being outstanding.

Teachers and parents’ high expectations are fundamental in the school’s success and support a busy curriculum alongside a remarkable amount of out-of-school opportunities.

St. Philip’s is a Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Primary School for children who have been baptised Catholic. All admissions are decided by the Board of Governors. For further admissions information contact the school office on 0161 792 4595 or email the Office Manager at: mary.boardman@salford.gov.uk

19 thoughts on “About St. Philip’s RC Salford

  1. Hello, We just wanted to say that we heard the children at the Bridgewater Hall last night. My wife has been in the NHS choir for 12 years and we have heard many children’s choirs there. We really enjoyed their performance. What an experience to take forward into their lives! The children were a credit to the school and the teacher is a gem. We bet that the children love her!
    We are Salford residents and loved to see the area get some credit for once. Well to to all involved.

  2. I love story philips seen nursery its been great all the teachers are really nice and so is Mr Barrett its great 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. I Really miss St.Philips! I wish i could go back! but i am enjoying St. Monica’s. i would recommend this school to anyone(St.Philips)
    all the teachers are amazing and get on with the pupils really well.
    its a lovely school and all the pupils are well mannered and respectful x
    all your, Caitlin (past pupil of St.Philips)

  4. i really miss st phlips now that i am in st monicas. all through primary school i thought the day i would leave was far ahead at least a few years but in yr 6 it hits that you would be leaving at the end of the year. you start worrying .you think it is great that your going but on the day you realise that youre not coming back. st monicas isnt as bad as i feared as caitlin said all the teachers are amazing and get on with the pupils everyone is well mannered and behaved. i have had good schools i couldnt ask for a better primary school and high school

    from paisleigh wilson-thomas
    a past st philips pupil now a current st monicas pupil

  5. Yes. I miss Saint Philip’s too! However…..I am being very busy and doing lots of travelling and visiting people I have not seen for a long time. The thing I miss most are probably Mrs Summers leading the signed singing in the hall at Assembly on a Friday…..listening to and watching you all join in. Also…..Miss Chiodo and her lovely jokes and smiles…..always ready with the microphone to let the children tell us all something at the talent show days. And hundreds and hundreds of other lovely things. Lots of love to you all …..Be good and work very hard……Try to do your best! Mrs Butcher xxxxxxxxxx

  6. My Boys went to St. Phillips in 1969 and 1973 we moved to New Zealand in 1978I was so pleased to find your page and enjoyed reading all about you Thanks

  7. I was a pupil at the school between 1964 to 1970 and have very happy memories of my time there. I moved away from the area but never forgot St Phillips and the friends I made there. I did have photographs of my classmates which unfortunately were stolen in a burglary. Does the school keep any photographs which I could purchase?
    My name is Beverley Bullen (nee Bailey).

  8. I attended the school between 1963 and 1969 and loved every minute (or am I just remembering the best bits). Are there any plans for an image gallery? I could contribute some class photos.
    My name is Christopher Szabo

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