Empty Classroom Day – Collaborative Street Art

On Friday the 17th June, St. Philip’s celebrated ‘Empty Classroom Day’ where each class held at least one lesson outdoors! Class 8 explored street art. Firstly they looked at examples of 3D street art from around the world for inspiration. Then they worked in groups to compose a creative design idea which they could produce on an outdoor surface and in which they would be part of. They worked together with chalk to produce scaled outlines and then added colour. Finally they inserted themselves into their art so that a photograph could be taken.



Photographers of Faith

The children in Class 7 were asked to think about how they could represent “Faith” using only images of their hands. We thought about what our faith means to us, and tried to depict ideas such as mercy, love, friendship, togetherness, support, solidarity, kindness and belief. The children worked in groups to photograph their hands and then they edited their photos using the Pixlr software on the iPads. We are very proud of the images that we have created!

Chinese New Year! 🎉🏮🎊🇨🇳👘

The whole school had an absolute ball celebrating Chinese New Year! Calligraphy, Chinese paper folding, lantern making and traditional lion dancing were just some of the excellent activities taking place around the school. A huge thank you to all the parents who supported the day; it was clear a huge effort had been made judging by the fantastic outfits the children arrived to school in. A whole school Lion Dance performance, courtesy of the Manchester Chinese Cultural Centre, left children completely mesmorised; some of our staff and children also had the opportunity to take part in it too. Have a peek at some of the highlights in the video below.

Dragon Dancing!

The Nursery enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year so much that they decided to make their own dragon. After painting two large boxes red, they decorated them with lots of shiny and colourful materials. The real fun was in the dancing though. The children really enjoyed trying to beat the drums in time to the music. Take a look at them dancing in the video which also shows a selection of the things they enjoyed during the Chinese New Year celebrations.



Thank You for the Music…

At St. Philip’s we are extremely proud of our excellent choir. A member of the 2014 group, who recently left us to move onto high school, has spent time working on a cross-stitch memento of her time learning to sing. Mr Lee is depicted at the piano. Thanks, as always, to Mrs Summers who dedicates her time to leading the group. What a wonderful way to remember the choir!


Artsmark Achieved!

We are very proud to announce that St. Philip’s RC has been awarded the Artsmark Gold award for a fantastic fourth time. The award is presented to schools who display a commitment to the arts and strive to utilise creativity at the heart of all learning. Pupils, parents and teachers have worked hard to achieve this fantastic award and we aim to continue to make the arts a major part of our school’s curriculum in the future.


London 2012 Looming…

With London 2012 looming, Miss Magdzinski’s class have been busy decorating their classroom and learning about the events in time for this Summer’s events! So far we have learned about and coloured the flags of over 70 different countries of the world, made an Olympic flag, created our own stadium (with us as the athletes!), made golden torches, learned interesting facts about London, and much much, more! Have a look at our first set of pictures…

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