Lowry Goes 3D

Pupils in Years 5 and 6 have been studying the artist L.S Lowry in art and design. The wonderful 3D models below have been crafted by pupils from Year 5/6 in Mrs Harney’s class. The children are really pleased with their creations!

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All Aboard!

As part of their topic on Vikings this term, Miss Magdzinski’s class decided to make a life-size Viking longboat! It was not an easy task, as you can tell from some of the pictures below, however , we got there in the end … with a little help from some mod-roc (and Mr Robinson!) It was great fun; we made the structure out of chicken wire, covered this with mod-roc, painted strips to portray a wooden-looking effect, and designed shields and dragons to ward-off enemies! The ship is now safely suspended from the ceiling of class J’s classroom. Would we make quite as good craftsmen as the Vikings … what do you think?!?!

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A Wheatfield with Cypresses

Class F have been learning all about Van Gogh. We really enjoyed his painting of ‘A Wheatfield with Cypresses’ and particularly enjoyed how it represented how beautiful nature can be. We then worked in groups to recreate this picture using some natural materials as well as some man made materials. We hope you like the results!

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Perfect Promises

In class J we have been looking at the meaning of ‘advent’ and what it means to us. As a result we drew images of advent to represent these thoughts. Some of us sketched religious and well-known symbols of advent like the wreath or candles, others sketched symbols of kindness (out-reached hand, smiles, sweets for sharing…) and others drew symbols of ‘attitudes’ that they want to display during advent. Some children sketched ‘wings’ to show determination and aiming high, while others sketched ‘rosary beads’ to indicate they want to be closer to God. With their individual collections of images, the children put these together in a collage format and copied the now abstract images onto the treasure chests. Inside the beautifully decorated treasure chests the children have written 24 advent promises….one promise to be pulled out (and KEPT) for each day of advent!

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Diocesan Creativity Day

In May, St. Philip’s were asked to contribute to the ‘Diocesan Creativity Day’. Four schools from across the diocese were involved in an event aimed at promoting creative approaches to teaching and learning in Catholic schools. Mrs Slack and Miss Magdzinski led a practical art session for staff, demonstrating the artistic process which leads to the outstanding work produced by our children in school. After lunch, seven Y5 children led a liturgical sign for all those in attendance.

Geraldine Bradbury, Director of Education at Salford Diocese, praised and thanked the children and staff for all their efforts.

Calendar Awards

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On the evening of December 8th, at The Lowry Gallery Salford, five Year 6 children, with their parents, attended the Through the Eyes of a Child calendar award ceremony. Three children were outright winners and their paintings have become part of the published calendar. Two pupils were runners up and had their work displayed in the gallery. All five children are a credit to St. Philip’s RC and represent our commitment to the arts.

Reception Return!

Hello all and welcome to another exciting school year. We are going to start our blog posts with work from some of our newest pupils…

Children in Reception talked about the Sunflower seeds they grew in Nursery. They then looked at photos and ‘real’ sunflowers to talk about the colours and textures. Pupils enjoyed using paint mixed with glue and sand.
They used brushes, sponges, stencils and their fingers to help them create these beautiful sunflower pictures.

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Multimedia Project: Part 4

Continuing from last week’s posts, this work is an outstanding example of digital art. Boys from Class 10 worked under the theme of ‘Welcome to our World’ with the intention of introducing Earth to a visitor. They collected striking images, planned a concept and then used Adobe Photoshop to edit the photos before blending them into a striking montage. The ICT skills needed for this work are of an extremely mature level so well done boys! Click on the image to enlarge it.