Violent Volcanoes!

To celebrate the end of the half term, Class 9 and Class 10 took to the playground to set off their fantastic, homemade volcanoes. Children used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda or mints and coca cola to emulate a volcanic eruption. The children (and parents) made the volcanoes during their ‘What Makes the Earth Angry?’ topic. A huge thank you to the parents who gave their time to help produce such wonderful creations!


Take Cover!

Today, Class 5 pretended they were on a school trip to the forest. However, the coach left Class 5 behind! In Science they have been learning about the basic needs of humans and animals; one of which is shelter. Miss Lavelle set the  challenge of building a shelter that would protect them until help arrived. They were given sheets of material, rope and could use any natural resource too. They had a little competition between the girls and the boys to see who could build the best, protective shelter.

Engineers in the Making!

Today, in Design and Technology, Class 12 were set the challenge to build a shelter that could withstand different extreme conditions: heavy rain (200ml of water), a landslide (200g weight) and a hurricane (Mrs Cookson’s hairdryer!). The children scored points for group work and how well they structured their shelters. Congratulations to Niall’s group, whose shelter was the most successful overall.

Build a Bridge!

Class 4 have been learning all about materials and their properties in Science. They have explored strong and weak materials. This week they were set a challenge, they had to build a bridge to carry the weight of a toy car using only sellotape and paper! Each group stepped up to the challenge with flying colours.  They demonstrated excellent team work and splendid craftsman ship. Most importantly, each group created a self-standing bridge that was strong enough to carry the weight of a toy car! Their teacher was most impressed, there are clearly some aspiring architects in her class. Well done, Class 4!

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Thank You for the Music…

At St. Philip’s we are extremely proud of our excellent choir. A member of the 2014 group, who recently left us to move onto high school, has spent time working on a cross-stitch memento of her time learning to sing. Mr Lee is depicted at the piano. Thanks, as always, to Mrs Summers who dedicates her time to leading the group. What a wonderful way to remember the choir!


Let’s Get Practical!

Pupils in Classes K and L have been participating in cooking and woodwork classes so far this term. The pupils have greatly enjoyed their experiences to date. Mr Cooper’s class are designing and constructing bird boxes whilst Mrs Cookson’s are undertaking a cooking or baking challenge each week; so far they have made pizzas, brownies and scones…







Building Shadufs…

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Pupils in Mr Cooper’s, Mrs Cookson’s and Mrs Clarke’s classes have been learning about Ancient Egypt this term. As part of their Design and Technology work, the children will be constructing their own ‘Shaduf’. Mr Cooper’s class used K’Nex to try potential design ideas. They were incredible!