God Knows All About Me

Nursery learned all about how much God loves them during our recent Social Justice topic.

The most popular book from our class altar has always been ‘God Knows All About Me’. The children made up actions for the words and wanted to share our favourite rhymes with you all. Please enjoy!


World Book Day 2017

Today our pupils celebrated World Book Day! This year we asked pupils to design and make their own hat at home to represent their favourite book. The hats were absolutely superb! Thanks to all of the parents who helped out at home.

We value reading extremely highly at St. Philip’s and today was a day to celebrate that fact. Thank you for all the kind £1 donations, which will help less fortunate children around the world to experience the joy of reading.

Class 4 learn Irish phrases 🍀🍀🍀

Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Over the last few weeks, Miss McNamara’s seven year old niece, Kate McNamara, has been teaching Class 4 how to say Irish phrases over a video link from Dublin. This was part of a competition to teach as many people as she could Irish phrases. Kate won the competition and her teachers were so impressed with her efforts that the media got in touch and asked if they could show her video clip teaching Class 4 on the Irish news. Class 4 are elated to have starred on the Irish news and according to them, they are “famous”! Have a peek at the video below to see some snippets of the video links and the news clip. The link to the actual news clip is: http://trte.rte.ie/news2day/  Enjoy! 🍀🍀🍀
See the tweet @stphilipsrc




Personification Poetry

Over the past few weeks in Geography, Class 9 have been learning about ‘What makes the earth angry?’ This has included the study of tectonic plates, earthquakes and volcanoes. To finish the topic, the children collectively wrote a personification poem about a volcano. The children chose a Hydra (a mythical beast) to represent the magma’s rise to the surface of the earth’s crust. The poem has been edited for the below animation which was put together using iMovie.

Where is Mr Crocodile?

Both Reception classes have enjoyed reading ‘Open very carefully – a book with bite.’  After discovering the pesky crocodile had escaped from the book and destroyed their classroom, the children came up with ideas as to where Mr Crocodile had gone to next. Each child was given their own copy of the text to keep, with thanks to the Bookstart initiative.

Where do you think Mr Crocodile has gone???????


Feel the Love!

Over the past few weeks, Class 9 have been studying The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. This book, alongside The Day the Crayons Quit, inspired us to write in the role of different book genres to thank Mr. Lessmore for the care he gave to the books throughout his life. The children chose to write in the role of a romantic novel. Below is Abigail Branney’s stunning love letter to Morris!