African Drumming Workshop!

Last Wednesday and Thursday the children from Reception to Year 6 took part in an African Drumming Workshop. They were taught by the African Drummer Rome Mossabir.

In the African Drumming Workshop, the children learned about how the drum was used traditionally and how it relates to the modern rhythms heard today. Using a variety of different sized instruments they were able to create a large class ensemble and were able to perform for each other.

Throughout the sessions, children were taught through the use of call and response helping them to understand how a drum works.

The African Drumming Workshop was incredibly rewarding and inspirational for all involved. Drumming has been shown to help:

  • Improve teamwork and communication skills
  • build confidence
  • Increase cultural awareness and cohesion
  • create an appreciation for diversity
  • relieve stress

The children and the teachers all had a fantastic time!


Chinese New Year! 🎉🏮🎊🇨🇳👘

The whole school had an absolute ball celebrating Chinese New Year! Calligraphy, Chinese paper folding, lantern making and traditional lion dancing were just some of the excellent activities taking place around the school. A huge thank you to all the parents who supported the day; it was clear a huge effort had been made judging by the fantastic outfits the children arrived to school in. A whole school Lion Dance performance, courtesy of the Manchester Chinese Cultural Centre, left children completely mesmorised; some of our staff and children also had the opportunity to take part in it too. Have a peek at some of the highlights in the video below.

From the Old to the New…

Children from Year 2, Miss Lavelle’s class, today led us in an assembly which focussed upon how God will always be with us as we travel along the journey of life. They showed us how far they have come on their Christian journey and talked about their hopes for the future. The first video below explains some of the pupils’ aspirations, the second how we must have high hopes!




Thank You for the Music…

At St. Philip’s we are extremely proud of our excellent choir. A member of the 2014 group, who recently left us to move onto high school, has spent time working on a cross-stitch memento of her time learning to sing. Mr Lee is depicted at the piano. Thanks, as always, to Mrs Summers who dedicates her time to leading the group. What a wonderful way to remember the choir!


Christmas Choir Performances

Over the past few weeks our Y5/6 choir, led by Mrs Summers and Mr Lee, have sung their hearts out performing within the community. They have enjoyed singing at The Bridgewater Hall, The Palace Hotel, Nazareth House, Katherine House and of course at our school musical extravaganza! The children have worked exceptionally hard to bring joy and happiness to others this Christmas. A special thank you is needed for Mrs Summers and Mr Lee for their dedication and guidance.





Year 1 Podcasts…

Pupils in Year 1, Mrs Welsh’s class, have been learning how to write and record a Podcast. Using the theme of the Queen’s Jubilee, the children worked in groups and composed their own music. They then wrote their own Jubilee messages and then read them out ‘over’ the music they created. Many thanks to Mrs Constadine for leading this task. A future in radio production may on the horizon…