Class 4 learn Irish phrases 🍀🍀🍀

Happy St.Patrick’s Day! Over the last few weeks, Miss McNamara’s seven year old niece, Kate McNamara, has been teaching Class 4 how to say Irish phrases over a video link from Dublin. This was part of a competition to teach as many people as she could Irish phrases. Kate won the competition and her teachers were so impressed with her efforts that the media got in touch and asked if they could show her video clip teaching Class 4 on the Irish news. Class 4 are elated to have starred on the Irish news and according to them, they are “famous”! Have a peek at the video below to see some snippets of the video links and the news clip. The link to the actual news clip is:  Enjoy! 🍀🍀🍀
See the tweet @stphilipsrc




Wear it Wild Day 2015

Today, pupils from every class participated in Wear it Wild Day. The purpose of the day was raise awareness about animal extinction and pupils have undertaken a variety of activities during the day to help them learn about this crucial topic. The children dressed-up in suitable ‘animal clothing’ and donated £1 to WWF in order to try and help this wonderful cause. Below is a Flipagram video made by pupils from Mr Cooper’s Y6 class. Further photographs and work will follow ASAP!