Toby’s Christmas Drum

On Tuesday morning, pupils and parents alike were treated to an excellent re-telling of the Nativity story. Children from our Nursery and Reception classes led a superb performance which included many wonderful songs, brave acting and lots of drumming! The children all spoke beautifully and extremely clearly. All the teachers, parents and siblings were very proud.


Jesus is Coming!

Last Thursday our Year 1 children led a beautiful assembly to celebrate the beginning of the Season of Advent. New and expectant mothers from the wider community were invited to join us and light the candle of Hope on our Advent Wreath and each new baby received a small gift as a welcome to the world. We were very proud of their fantastic singing and the clear and confident messages they shared with us about the importance of this special time of preparation. Well done Year 1: a wonderful start to the festive season!

Caritas Fundraising Appeal

As part of the RE module, ‘Solidarity and the Common Good,’ Classes 9 and 10 have been working hard to organise a fundraising event to raise money for Caritas. Caritas is an organisation that works hard to help rebuild the lives of people who face many challenges and hardships.

Below is a video appeal to help raise awareness about these challenges and to advertise our fundraising event, ‘Crazy Hair Day,’ which will take place on Friday 1st July. The children used the app Spark Video to bring their research to life. Please watch the video to find out more information.

Photographers of Faith

The children in Class 7 were asked to think about how they could represent “Faith” using only images of their hands. We thought about what our faith means to us, and tried to depict ideas such as mercy, love, friendship, togetherness, support, solidarity, kindness and belief. The children worked in groups to photograph their hands and then they edited their photos using the Pixlr software on the iPads. We are very proud of the images that we have created!

Year 5 Easter Reflection

On the evening of Wednesday 23rd March and the morning of Thursday 24th March, pupils from our Year 5 classes led us a reflection of the Easter Story. They maintained a reverent, respectful manner throughout their outstanding performance. Well done on using such loud, clear voices and enabling our younger children to understand the message of Holy Week…

All You Need is Love!

As we all know, Sunday 14th February is St. Valentine’s Day. On Friday, pupils from Year 1, Miss McNamara’s class, led an assembly where they explained to pupils how love is the key message of the Gospel. Everybody now understands what is meant by ‘Love one another as I have loved you’. Below is a video which explains what our pupils think love is all about…



From the Old to the New…

Children from Year 2, Miss Lavelle’s class, today led us in an assembly which focussed upon how God will always be with us as we travel along the journey of life. They showed us how far they have come on their Christian journey and talked about their hopes for the future. The first video below explains some of the pupils’ aspirations, the second how we must have high hopes!