Prayer in colour

Our St. Philips stained glass window is made up of our intentions, prayers and love of all work that goes on throughout the school…

Over the past few weeks the Year 4 prayer and worship group have been looking at how colour can be a way of expressing our prayers. We started by using a colour sheet to understand the meanings of colours and this helped to us to be more specific with our prayer intentions. The prayer group then came up with their own prayers and intentions to contribute a piece of colour to our stained glass window. The group also created drawings of the key parts of St. Philips to be at the centre of our window.
We hope you like it!

The Christmas Story

In Class 5, we have been working in small groups to orally retell the Christmas Story through a stop frame animation project. We learned about the significant events leading up to birth of our Lord Jesus and  how, despite his humble start in life, he had all the love that he needed and brought light, peace, hope and joy into the world. We hope these examples of our short films help you to remember the true meaning of Christmas and we wish you a happy and peaceful Christmas.


Christmas Gift to the Homeless!

A kind-hearted member of  our school has set an excellent example to others this advent by giving to the Cornerstones Homeless Shelter. Seamus, who won the gigantic chocolate snowman at the Christmas Fair, kindly donated his prize to the homeless shelter for them to enjoy on Christmas Day. In return he received a lovely letter of thanks in recognition for his kindness. Well done Seamus, you are a credit to us all.


The mission team inspire mini disciples

Last Monday our year 5 and 6 mission team started their new group with the infants. The mission team decided to name their new group the ‘mini disciples’. There were lots of different prayerful activities planned by the mission team, showing the infants how to share Jesus’ love throughout the school. Bible stories were shared and discussed, blessings were given and we even have a new member of St. Philips, Charlie our prayer bear. 
The mission team hope that they can carry on their exciting new group throughout the year! 

Celebrating 60 Years…

Thank you to everybody who contributed to the great success of Friday’s 60th anniversary of the school celebrations. The evening was superbly attended and was enjoyed immensely by all. Over the next few days we will post videos of some of the pupils’ work which was screened on the night. We hope this serves as a fitting memory of such a wonderful evening!

Caritas Fundraising Appeal

As part of the RE module, ‘Solidarity and the Common Good,’ Classes 9 and 10 have been working hard to organise a fundraising event to raise money for Caritas. Caritas is an organisation that works hard to help rebuild the lives of people who face many challenges and hardships.

Below is a video appeal to help raise awareness about these challenges and to advertise our fundraising event, ‘Crazy Hair Day,’ which will take place on Friday 1st July. The children used the app Spark Video to bring their research to life. Please watch the video to find out more information.

The Lifecycle of a Frog

In Science, Class 9 have been studying the topic, ‘Living things and their habitats’. As part of this unit, the children were required to find out about the lifecycles of different types of animals such as mammals, amphibians, reptiles and birds. The children used the app ‘Spark Video’ to present their research on the lifecycle of a frog.

Photographers of Faith

The children in Class 7 were asked to think about how they could represent “Faith” using only images of their hands. We thought about what our faith means to us, and tried to depict ideas such as mercy, love, friendship, togetherness, support, solidarity, kindness and belief. The children worked in groups to photograph their hands and then they edited their photos using the Pixlr software on the iPads. We are very proud of the images that we have created!