Perfect Promises

In class J we have been looking at the meaning of ‘advent’ and what it means to us. As a result we drew images of advent to represent these thoughts. Some of us sketched religious and well-known symbols of advent like the wreath or candles, others sketched symbols of kindness (out-reached hand, smiles, sweets for sharing…) and others drew symbols of ‘attitudes’ that they want to display during advent. Some children sketched ‘wings’ to show determination and aiming high, while others sketched ‘rosary beads’ to indicate they want to be closer to God. With their individual collections of images, the children put these together in a collage format and copied the now abstract images onto the treasure chests. Inside the beautifully decorated treasure chests the children have written 24 advent promises….one promise to be pulled out (and KEPT) for each day of advent!

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