There are no outcasts in the Kingdom of God!

In our unit of work on the Kingdom of God, year six have been looking at people in our society who are treated like outcasts and excluded from society for many different reasons. We used this theme as an opportunity to reflect upon the current migrant crisis and all those who are fleeing from poverty, conflict and intolerance. This beautiful, thoughtful reflection was written by Georgia Griffin in Class 12 and teaches us all that we are all equal in God’s eyes.

Engineers in the Making!

Today, in Design and Technology, Class 12 were set the challenge to build a shelter that could withstand different extreme conditions: heavy rain (200ml of water), a landslide (200g weight) and a hurricane (Mrs Cookson’s hairdryer!). The children scored points for group work and how well they structured their shelters. Congratulations to Niall’s group, whose shelter was the most successful overall.