Imagine That!

On Tuesday 12th June, Reception went on their school trip to ‘Imagine That’ in Liverpool. During our visit, the children got to watch a thrilling science show with rockets, volcanoes and bubbles. They also attended three workshops where they made slime, bath bombs and fridge magnets! ‘Imagine That’ was filled with many other wonderful things for the children to explore such as a wind tunnel, giant electrical circuits and a giant bubble maker where the children could stand inside a ring and make a bubble that was potentially 6ft high! Unbelievabubble! In the ‘Imagination Village’, there was a bustling high street, which was brimming with ideas to inspire their imaginations. The children got to play in a Pizzeria, a Pet rescue centre, a Hair Salon, an American Diner, a Supermarket, a Car Wash, a Theatre, a Back stage costume area and a T.V Studio. What an amazing day was had by all! Thank you to all the parents that helped and made this trip possible.

Wriggly Nativity!

Last week, pupils and parents alike were treated to an excellent re-telling of The Christmas Story through our Nativity Play. Children from our Nursery and Reception classes led a superb performance which included many wonderful songs, clear confident speaking and (of course!) lots of ‘wriggling’. See if you can watch the highlights below without wriggling yourself!


God’s Dream

On Friday, Reception led a fantastic assembly in front of the rest of the school. After reading the book ‘God’s Dream’, the children wanted to share the very special message with others.

“But what are God’s dreams? If you close your eyes and look with your heart, I’m sure, dear child that you will find out. God dreams about people sharing. God dreams about people caring. God dreams that we reach out and hold one another’s hands. And play one another’s games. And laugh with one another hearts.”


Reception trip to Blackpool Zoo!

On Tuesday, both Reception classes visited Blackpool Zoo. The weather was wet, windy and wild! We were even nearly blown away as soon as we arrived! Despite this, both our lovely parent volunteers and all the children showed great resilience and didn’t let the weather spoil our day. We still got to see lions, tigers, giraffes, elephants and even a few cheeky monkeys!

Reception’s Tesco Trip!

Just before we broke up for half-term, both Reception classes went on a trip to Tesco. The children got to experience life behind the scenes in a supermarket and see what it is like to work in a variety of different roles.

The children got to sample delicious fresh fruit and vegetables from the store’s produce department and taste different types of bread rolls from the bakery.  We even got to meet a fishmonger who let us touch a fish!

A fun-filled and educational day was had by all. Thank you Tesco!


Toby’s Christmas Drum

On Tuesday morning, pupils and parents alike were treated to an excellent re-telling of the Nativity story. Children from our Nursery and Reception classes led a superb performance which included many wonderful songs, brave acting and lots of drumming! The children all spoke beautifully and extremely clearly. All the teachers, parents and siblings were very proud.


Nursery Easter Bonnet☀️☔️💐🐣🐰

This week, the children from Nursery led a special Easter assembly. As well as showcasing their amazing Easter bonnets, they told us how they had been preparing for Easter and learning about Spring. It was a fabulous colourful celebration which brought a smile to everyone’s face. The children definitely all had a spring in their toes!