One Day, Two Choir Perfomances!

Today, our choir performed not once, but twice within our local community! The pupils sang at Katherine House and Nazareth House, bring joy, peace and happiness to the residents. Many photographs were taken, but the one below best depicts our choir pupils – the effort, pride and joy of performance is captured perfectly. Many thanks to Mrs Summers and Mr Lee for leading our choir so well.

Photo 10-12-2014 10 58 04

Thank You for the Music…

At St. Philip’s we are extremely proud of our excellent choir. A member of the 2014 group, who recently left us to move onto high school, has spent time working on a cross-stitch memento of her time learning to sing. Mr Lee is depicted at the piano. Thanks, as always, to Mrs Summers who dedicates her time to leading the group. What a wonderful way to remember the choir!


Christmas Choir Performances

Over the past few weeks our Y5/6 choir, led by Mrs Summers and Mr Lee, have sung their hearts out performing within the community. They have enjoyed singing at The Bridgewater Hall, The Palace Hotel, Nazareth House, Katherine House and of course at our school musical extravaganza! The children have worked exceptionally hard to bring joy and happiness to others this Christmas. A special thank you is needed for Mrs Summers and Mr Lee for their dedication and guidance.





A Performance at the Palace…

Choir members today began their annual series of performances by singing at The Palace Hotel in Manchester. Mrs Summers and Mr Lee have been working with choir members from Year 5/6 over the past few months in preparation for our Christmas performances. As always, the children were excellently behaved and greatly enjoyed their day out!

Prayer Group

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At lunchtimes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Mrs Summers hosts a prayer group for years 5 and 6. Pupils take part in prayers, reflections, meditations and hymns and do so in a reverent and respectful manner. The sessions are very popular and indicate the pupils’ commitment to the Catholic values of our school. Thank you to Mrs Summers for leading these wonderful sessions!