Celebrating 60 Years…

Thank you to everybody who contributed to the great success of Friday’s 60th anniversary of the school celebrations. The evening was superbly attended and was enjoyed immensely by all. Over the next few days we will post videos of some of the pupils’ work which was screened on the night. We hope this serves as a fitting memory of such a wonderful evening!

Wriggly Nativity!

This morning, pupils and parents alike were treated to an excellent re-telling of the nativity story. Children from our nursery and reception classes led a superb performance which included many wonderful songs, brave acting and (of course!) lots of ‘wriggling’. See if you can watch the excerpts below without wriggling yourself!


Nursery Farm Trip

On Tuesday 30th June, Nursery enjoyed a fantastic day out fruit picking at Kenyon Hall Farm in Warrington. All the children had a brilliant time picking and tasting the delicious fruits that were on offer. Most were even brave enough to try the gooseberries too! A big thank you to all the parents that came; without your help, this school trip wouldn’t have been possible. Later in the week, the children made some strawberry jam and enjoyed some delicious jam sandwiches with what they had made.

Reception Return!

Hello all and welcome to another exciting school year. We are going to start our blog posts with work from some of our newest pupils…

Children in Reception talked about the Sunflower seeds they grew in Nursery. They then looked at photos and ‘real’ sunflowers to talk about the colours and textures. Pupils enjoyed using paint mixed with glue and sand.
They used brushes, sponges, stencils and their fingers to help them create these beautiful sunflower pictures.

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