God Knows All About Me

Nursery learned all about how much God loves them during our recent Social Justice topic.

The most popular book from our class altar has always been ‘God Knows All About Me’. The children made up actions for the words and wanted to share our favourite rhymes with you all. Please enjoy!


St. Philip’s Day 2011

Today is the day when we remember and celebrate the life of our Patron Leader, St. Philip Benizi. Mr Cooper’s class led a Mass commemorating St. Philip’s influence on our everyday lives in school today and Father Peter blessed bread to recognise his dedication to helping the hungry. Thank you to all parents who kindly donated tins to support the homeless and hungry of Salford and Manchester. Over two thousand tins have collected by Loaves and Fishes, Revive and Cornerstone and these will make a huge difference to many people this coming winter.

St. Philip’s Day

On Friday 8th October our school celebrated the life of St. Philip, who is the Patron Saint of our school. Class 11 led a mass at church attended by pupils, parents and parishioners. To help remember the generosity of St. Philip, pupils kindly brought in tins of food to help the homeless people of Salford. These tins were distributed to Loaves & Fishes, Revive and Cornerstone and were greatly appreciated. Many thanks to all who contributed to this important event. Below are some images of the tins in church.