Farewell Mrs Slack

Today, 14th July 2011, Mrs Slack retires as Head teacher of St. Philip’s RC. There have been many presentations, presents and speeches (and a few tears!). The following short film has been made by Class 10, Mr Cooper’s class. We hope it goes someway to documenting Mrs Slack’s time at St. Philip’s RC.

Multimedia Project: Part 3

If you love Lady Gaga then you’ll love this video! Seven girls from Class 10 planned, storyboarded, filmed and edited this excellent piece of media work. They were particularly mature when it came to the tricky stage of editing their work. Look out for the brilliant dance and maybe learn it at home…

Multimedia Project: Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s excellent Comic Book upload, we are very proud to present the above music video. Pupils from Class 10 formed the group ‘Hypontik’, learnt the song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and then planned, storyboarded, filmed and edited a music video. We hope you enjoy this outstanding piece of media work, well done girls.

School Council Campaigning

Every year pupils are given the opportunity to campaign for the chance to represent their class on the School Council. Its members meet as a group, led by Miss Roberts, to suggest and discuss potential changes and improvements for St. Philip’s RC. The above video is a demonstration of the ‘election’ process which takes place within each class.

C’est Magnifique!

Pupils at St. Philip’s RC love French! Each week, pupils take part in lively, informative French lessons. Recently, all pupils took part in a French and Spanish day, in which they dressed-up, sampled food, watched French and Spanish TV and Films, and even constructed Eiffel Towers. The above video features Year 6 pupils demonstrating their fine conversational skills. Enjoy!