From the Old to the New…

Children from Year 2, Miss Lavelle’s class, today led us in an assembly which focussed upon how God will always be with us as we travel along the journey of life. They showed us how far they have come on their Christian journey and talked about their hopes for the future. The first video below explains some of the pupils’ aspirations, the second how we must have high hopes!




Investigating Forces…

Miss Chiodo’s class had fun investigating which toy cars travelled the furthest distance and how force could affect this. They predicted which car would travel the furthest before they set them off. The children used tape measures to measure how far each car travelled and then compared their results with one another. The class concluded that the harder you push a car the further it will travel!




Future ICT Experts?

Pupils from Miss Haigh’s Year 2 class have this week produced some outstanding work in ICT. They have created graphs, spreadsheets and databases as part of their science and numeracy work. Have a look at some of the photographs below – their work looks fantastic! Well done.

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Year 2 Visit Stockley Farm

Year 2 recently visited Stockley Farm. We had a great time and did lots of fun and interesting things:

  • We went on a nature walk
  • We fed pigs, goats and lambs
  • We held cuddly, soft rabbits and guinea-pigs
  • We played on the adventure playground
  • We had fun on the bouncy castle
  • We learnt about the dairy where the cows are milked
  • We had a ride in a tractor
  • We met the cows, sheep, horses and birds of prey

We hope you enjoy looking at our photos!

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SATs on the horizon

The 2010 KS1 and 2 SATs are now fast approaching! Pupils, parents and staff are now working at a vigorous pace to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.

The majority of Y6 pupils have already purchased the Maths and Science revision booklets from school. However, it would be to their benefit if they also spent time visiting the following websites in order to revise and practise techniques: – A superb revision site with facts, games and worksheets. – Maths games and activities galore! – An American, professional website full of facts. Great for Science. – Maths practise for the very brightest mathematicians. – Information, games, activities; everything! A fabulous resource.