Imagine That!

On Tuesday 12th June, Reception went on their school trip to ‘Imagine That’ in Liverpool. During our visit, the children got to watch a thrilling science show with rockets, volcanoes and bubbles. They also attended three workshops where they made slime, bath bombs and fridge magnets! ‘Imagine That’ was filled with many other wonderful things for the children to explore such as a wind tunnel, giant electrical circuits and a giant bubble maker where the children could stand inside a ring and make a bubble that was potentially 6ft high! Unbelievabubble! In the ‘Imagination Village’, there was a bustling high street, which was brimming with ideas to inspire their imaginations. The children got to play in a Pizzeria, a Pet rescue centre, a Hair Salon, an American Diner, a Supermarket, a Car Wash, a Theatre, a Back stage costume area and a T.V Studio. What an amazing day was had by all! Thank you to all the parents that helped and made this trip possible.

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