Father Christmas has chosen Class 4 to house an elf during Advent. He watches to see if we’re naughty or nice. Each evening he flies all the way back to the North Pole with his Christmas magic to report back to St. Nick! He sent him to us on December 1st. We thought very carefully about what we could name him. After lots of deliberation, we decided on Elvis Buddy! He loves his name.

There is only one rule we must follow to see Elvis Buddy tomorrow.

We mustn’t touch him as his magic might go and Santa won’t hear all he has seen or he knows.

He will listen to us and we can tell him our wishes.

The gleam in his eye and his little bright smile shows us he is listening and noting our file.

Each day Elvis Buddy gets up to mischief in and around our classroom. Take a peek at his antics so far…

One Day, Two Choir Perfomances!

Today, our choir performed not once, but twice within our local community! The pupils sang at Katherine House and Nazareth House, bring joy, peace and happiness to the residents. Many photographs were taken, but the one below best depicts our choir pupils – the effort, pride and joy of performance is captured perfectly. Many thanks to Mrs Summers and Mr Lee for leading our choir so well.

Photo 10-12-2014 10 58 04