New Recruits!

During the Autumn term, Class 8 have been learning all about the Romans. We have looked at how the Roman Empire was established, what the Romans did for us, participated in a debate about who was the best Emperor and learnt about the Roman army. As part of our end of unit work, we decided to make a short video about the Roman army. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it.

Would you like to be in the Roman army? You decide.


Bright Sparks!

During the last 6 weeks, Class 8 have been learning all about electricity. They have participated in an electricity day, learned about the importance of electricity and how dangerous it can be, designed and built electrical circuits and tested insulators and conductors.

To demonstrate all that they have learn, Class 8 were given the task of designing and making a torch to guide them out of the building during a power cut. The children really enjoyed the activity and were proud of their designs. Take a look.

A Roman Adventure…

On Monday 28th April, Class E went to Chester for a Roman Experience Trip. When we arrived we were given a tour around the Centre. We learnt about what Roman life was like. Topics we studied included being a Roman Soldier, medical ailments and treatments, personal hygiene, food and drink. We were treated to an informative video about life before and after the Roman Invasion … then and now. In the archaeology room we saw vases, coins, keyrings, pottery and other interesting artefacts excavated from digs in Chester! In the Hands On Room we had great fun trying on different Roman outfits, guessing the smell of Roman objects and catapult target practice.
Next we were given the opportunity to train as Roman soldiers with shields, protecting ourselves from an aggressive foam stick attack performed by our teachers and parents!!! In the Amphitheatre Miss Griffin and Mrs O’Neill re-enacted a gladiator fight perfectly. Never one to lose at anything, Mrs O’Neill victoriously won and Miss Griffin lost her head! Sin, sin, sin, dex, sin …. left, left, left, right, left (Roman : dextro – right, sinistro – left) was our chant, marching back to the coach after a long and interesting day in sunny Chester !

By Kara Hurley and Charlie Veevers

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photoMrs O’Neill’s Y3/4 class recently went on an exciting trip to Chester to supplement their current learning about The Roman Empire. Below is a recount – written by Charlie Veevers and Kara Hurley from the class. Hopefully it will inspire you to visit yourself!