Saturday Athletics!

An impressive number of children from St. Philip’s have participated in Salford’s Saturday Athletics down at The Cliff Training Ground. There have been some incredible performances from children of all ages over the last three weeks. Even more pleasing was the team work, encouragement and support the children demonstrated to one another other during the events. A big thank you to all the athletes, parents and staff involved that contributed to making this event as enjoyable as ever!

IMG_1410IMG_1415 IMG_1416

Build a Bridge!

Class 4 have been learning all about materials and their properties in Science. They have explored strong and weak materials. This week they were set a challenge, they had to build a bridge to carry the weight of a toy car using only sellotape and paper! Each group stepped up to the challenge with flying colours.  They demonstrated excellent team work and splendid craftsman ship. Most importantly, each group created a self-standing bridge that was strong enough to carry the weight of a toy car! Their teacher was most impressed, there are clearly some aspiring architects in her class. Well done, Class 4!

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Y6 Athletics Championships 2015

The annual Salford Athletics Championships for Year 6 pupils from across the city took place on Tuesday 16th June. The team of pupils who participated displayed exceptional behaviour, attitude and respect towards their competitors; they represented St. Philip’s RC with distinction.

Several pupils from St. Philip’s managed to qualify the finals of their given event. This means that they competed against the very best of under-12 children from across Salford. This is a fantastic achievement!

Two pupils from St. Philip’s, Erin Barton and George Harman were victorious in their event, taking home the gold medal in the long jump and 60 meter sprint respectively. A huge congratulation to these talented athletes!

Can our Year 5 pupils match these wonderful achievements in their event next week?


photoDSC_8981 DSC_8983

Wear it Wild Day 2015

Today, pupils from every class participated in Wear it Wild Day. The purpose of the day was raise awareness about animal extinction and pupils have undertaken a variety of activities during the day to help them learn about this crucial topic. The children dressed-up in suitable ‘animal clothing’ and donated £1 to WWF in order to try and help this wonderful cause. Below is a Flipagram video made by pupils from Mr Cooper’s Y6 class. Further photographs and work will follow ASAP!