Caritas Fundraising Appeal

As part of the RE module, ‘Solidarity and the Common Good,’ Classes 9 and 10 have been working hard to organise a fundraising event to raise money for Caritas. Caritas is an organisation that works hard to help rebuild the lives of people who face many challenges and hardships.

Below is a video appeal to help raise awareness about these challenges and to advertise our fundraising event, ‘Crazy Hair Day,’ which will take place on Friday 1st July. The children used the app Spark Video to bring their research to life. Please watch the video to find out more information.

Year 5 Easter Reflection

On the evening of Wednesday 23rd March and the morning of Thursday 24th March, pupils from our Year 5 classes led us a reflection of the Easter Story. They maintained a reverent, respectful manner throughout their outstanding performance. Well done on using such loud, clear voices and enabling our younger children to understand the message of Holy Week…

Violent Volcanoes!

To celebrate the end of the half term, Class 9 and Class 10 took to the playground to set off their fantastic, homemade volcanoes. Children used vinegar and bicarbonate of soda or mints and coca cola to emulate a volcanic eruption. The children (and parents) made the volcanoes during their ‘What Makes the Earth Angry?’ topic. A huge thank you to the parents who gave their time to help produce such wonderful creations!


Priscus vs. Verus: A Fight to Remember!

Last week in Literacy, Class 9 and 10 re-enacted the famous gladiator battle between Priscus and Verus. Children played the roles of the gladiators, Emperor Titus and the notorious Colosseum crowd. The children made note of the atmosphere and how each of the gladiators were feeling to support them in writing a newspaper article of the event.